Thanks for visiting the site! We, The Conversation Literary Festical, are dedicated to bridging conversations between inter-regional Blackness/POC & discussing what a Black Mecca, an Elsewhere, can look like in the United States. Given the significant contributions Black & Brown Southern American organizers, scholars, & writers have already made to Black American and Black Diasporic culture, we at The Conversation seek to strengthen the connective tissue between Northern, Western and Mid-Western Black cultures to the end of imagining an autonomous, functional haven for Black people. We seek to ask these questions: 

What does place mean for your heritage?

How do you define where you are from?

Where does your linage begin? 

When we talk about region we are invoking not only the regions of the United States, brought on by the Transatlantic Slave Trade, we also seek to bolster the relationships between Diasporic Blackness throughout the world. Blackness that traces the Transatlantic Slave Trades investment in cotton, as well as sugar. Blackness that remained in Africa and was affected by the European scramble for it. Blackness that is of Latino extraction, and Blackness that resonates with Asian cultures, highlighting the particularly American abuses toward them. Blackness that connects with and further engages the bridge between our and Native American culture— we seek to ask the question: can there be a bunker for Blackness honoring each of these cultural relationships to the American South?

To that end The Conversation will be a week-long tour of 3 states:  Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. 16 writers from varying places in the spectrum of Blackness/POC and various birth cities, come down to Oxford, Mississippi and continue with us as we move Southeast to Tuscaloosa, ending in New Orleans. This year The Conversation will occur October 15th - 21st. We cordially invite you to attend any of the events happening along the tour in October, and especially ask you to join us in New Orleans for the larger conversation. Get comfy, stay awhile, and we hope to see you in the fall.

Much gratitude,

The Conversation