Much gratitude

In October of 2015 we, Aziza & Nabila, cooked up a dream on a porch in the lower ninth ward. Because of the generosity of our donors, individual & organizational alike, there are many people we are able to thank for aiding us in making this dream a reality.

Firstly a huge thank you to every single fellow involved. We approached you & you said yes to our vision. To every single festival speaker. A big thank you to the University of Alabama English Department & School of Liberal Arts for their generous donation, specifically Lacee Nesbitt, L. Lamar Wilson, & Joel Brower for their time, the University of Mississippi English Department, specifically Derrick Harriell, Kiese Laymon, (Whole Trill Fam), Anne Freeman & Ivo Kamps. We'd also like to thank Dead Rabbits Reading Series & Greenlight Bookstore for their partnership with our NYC 2016 Mini-festival. So much thanks to Brian Spears & the people at The Rumpus for partnering with us on the announcement of the organization/tour! Huge gratitude to Brian Oliu & the entire Fall 2016 Alabama Slashpine class for the brilliant chapbooks they printed, hand stitched, & designed for us. & our first support staff of: Diamond Forde, Brett Shaw, Purvis Cornish, Julian Randall, Nadia Alexis, Sarah Sgro, Reginald Fontenot, & Elizabeth Theriot. Truly this was able to go from being abstract, a mere idea, to something tangible because of all of the people listed & people we may have left off. Thank you for every social media share, every email & blessing sent our way. WIthout you none of this would have been possible.

Organizational donors

Individual donors

Kaveh Akbar

Fatimah Asghar

Michelle Ayers

Madeleine Barnes

Ryan Bollenbach

Gabrielle Calvocoressi

Faith Castellano

Rachel Cawkwell

Kati-Jane Childs

Jessica Conway

Willa Conway

Emily Coon

Julia Coursey

Mark Cugini

Benjmain Delikat

Wendy Dinwiddie

Natalie Eilbert

Laura Epperson

Spenser Feller

Joe Fritsch

Michael Goldsmith

Tyrone Hinderson

Hannah Hodson

Kati-Jane Childs

Matt Kessler

Grace Shuyi Liew

Reynold Martin

Michael Martone

Aurora Masum-Javed

Carly McCollow

Jane Medved

Emma Miller

Gothataone Moeng

Opiyo Okeyo

Molly Quinn

Katie Rainey

Mark Ramirez

Ashley Roach-Freiman

Yarminiah Rosa

Katy Rossing

JD Scott

Sarah Sgro

Brett Shaw

Maggie Smith

Sophie Strohmeier

Daniel Stout

Ally Tufenkjian

Bronwyn Valentine

Jan Verberkmoes

Kina & Marty Viola-Cain